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Supply Chain/Logistics Chief Expert/Scientist

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Job responsibilities

  1. Gain insights into the development trend of circulation fulfillment and logistics processes and technologies in Europe, including but not limited to postponement manufacturing, automation (automation line, robot, and RFID), simulation, intelligent terminal, and logistics visualization, to support HQ's global capability planning and development.
  2. Deeply understand Huawei's supply chain, find business improvement and innovation opportunities based on industry and technology insights from the perspective of European Supply Center, and develop transformation plans to improve the efficiency of physical goods circulation.
  3. Introduce applicable technologies and tools, provide advanced physical circulation engineering solutions for business units, and manage technological innovation and implementation processes, including technical communication, technology planning, solution design, project implementation, and lifecycle management, to continuously improve the operation efficiency of physical goods and reduce costs.


  1. Have 10+ years' relevant professional background and experience.
  2. Have extensive connections with leading manufacturing companies in Germany, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen.
  3. Have successful practices and profound expertise in leading manufacturing technologies, supply chain logistics management, model innovation, and circulation technologies (e.g. unmanned driving, robot, artificial intelligence, algorithm design, and simulation.)
  4. Experience and successful practices in automation equipment and sensing, postponement manufacturing, and lean logistics in the manufacturing and logistics domains are preferred.
  5. Have expertise and successful practices in the supply chain simulation and block chain.

Work Location

Eindhoven, Netherlands (preferred)

Germany/Hungary/Belgium/Austria/Denmark/ etc.. – can also

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