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You are faced with a situation requiring the input of an Interim Manager. But why choose Neos Interim Management?

Because Neos Interim Management offers companies experts with specialist knowledge in various areas, for temporary assignments, respecting the people involved and on the basis of precise agreements.

The advantages and guaranties Neos Interim Management can offer:

  • Expertise. In order to evaluate their possible functions and roles, we have detailed knowledge of our potential candidates as well as definitive proof that they will be able to answer our clients' needs and demands (tests on request).
  • Reputation. We've worked and continue to work with multinational companies as well as companies on a smaller scale, but they all have one point in common: high standards.
  • Qualities. The dedication, flexibility and professionalism of our consultants and our Interim Managers ensures you achieve your goals.
  • Methodology. Our internal processes allow us to find the "right candidate" in less than 10 days and sometimes within 24 hours.
  • Cost. Our Interim Managers are involved in your company's success, but they aren't on your payroll. What's more, you only pay for the days worked.
  • Values. Our watchwords are integrity, confidentiality, respect and transparency.
  • Sources. We have a professional database which is permanently augmented by a great variety of sources such as associations, search engines, networks, etc.
  • Accountability. Neos Interim Management works towards the success of your mission.

If you are thinking of taking on an Interim Manager or would like to see what advantages Neos can offer you, why not get in touch with us soon. We will be only pleased to consider your requirements and work with you on finding a tailor-made solution.

Need an Interim Manager ?