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Who are Interim Managers?

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Profile: An Interim Manager is a senior executive who is generally between 45 and 60 years old, and who is an expert in their field, with broad experience across a range of different environments.

Qualities: Interim Managers are autonomous, responsible, pragmatic and mature. They act swiftly and efficiently within situations that are often difficult and always operate at a very high level.

Capacity: Interim Managers are always selected on the basis of being qualified for the task to which they are assigned, and are therefore operational immediately.

Responsibilities: The Interim Manager assumes operational responsibility for the company, as part of a clear mandate, for a limited period of time and aims to provide quantifiable results.

Speed: The Interim Manager, as an independent contractor, is available within a very short period of time which may vary from 5 to 10 days but may be less than 24 hours in certain cases.

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